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Scholarships Administered by UC San Diego

Entering First-Year Scholarships

Learn about scholarships that are administered by UC San Diego for high school seniors and entering first-year students.

Entering Transfer Students Scholarships

Learn about scholarships that are administered by UC San Diego for new transfer students.

Continuing Undergraduates Scholarships

Learn about scholarships that are administered by UC San Diego for continuing undergraduates.

Enrolled Transfer Students Scholarships

Learn about scholarships that are administered by UC San Diego for currently enrolled transfer students.

Undergraduate Research Scholarships (URS) - Summer Scholarships

Find information about UC San Diego's Undergraduate Research Scholarships (URS) program. Several different scholarships are available across multiple research areas.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Learn about scholarships for study abroad and exchange programs.

Scholarships Not Administered by UC San Diego

Hope Scholars Program for former foster youth (formerly Guardian Scholars) Scholarships

The Hope Scholars Program supports former foster youth by awarding scholarships up to $5,000 per academic year to eligible UC San Diego undergraduate students.

Middle Class Scholarship Scholarships

Learn about the Middle Class Scholarship offered by UC San Diego.

National Competitive Scholarships Scholarships

Review the list of national competitive scholarships and see which scholarships you may qualify for.

Outside Agency Scholarships Scholarships

Check to see if you qualify for scholarships offered by private agencies.

ROTC Funds Outside Resources

Learn how to pay your bill using ROTC funds.

The San Diego Foundation Scholarships

Opportunities are available for San Diego County residents pursuing a higher education locally and nationally.

Private and Foundation Scholarships Scholarships

Noncitizen students may be eligible to apply for many private scholarships, depending on the eligibility requirements set forth in the application, and any donor restrictions or donor intent.

Receiving Scholarship Funds from Non-UC San Diego Organizations

Learn how to receive scholarship funds from an agency other than UC San Diego.

About Funds

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FAQs: Undergraduate Scholarship Applications for Current UC San Diego Students

Frequently asked questions about the process of applying online for Academic Year Continuing Scholarships and Undergraduate Research Scholarships (summer research).


Facts about scholarships

  • Scholarships are gift aid, money you do not have to repay.
  • Scholarships are awarded for either academic merit only, or merit and additional criteria such as major of interest, leadership, or financial need.
  • If you receive scholarship(s), they may replace your other financial awards in the following order:
    1. Unmet need in your basic California resident award package
    2. University Loan
    3. Work-study
    4. Need-based Parent PLUS Loan or additional Direct Loan in your basic California resident package
    5. Direct Subsidized / Unsubsidized Loan
    6. Grants
    Scholarships that replace work-study reduce the number of hours you need to work, and those that replace loans reduce your future loan debt.

Scholarship money does not reduce your expected Student Aid Index (SAI).

Scholarship Resources

In addition to the resources listed below, see information on how to find scholarships.

Remember, you do not have to pay to find scholarships or any other financial aid. Learn more about how to avoid scholarship scams.

For more scholarship options, review national competitive scholarships (offered by private agencies) as well as other lists of scholarships administered by UC San Diego.

File your FAFSA or Dream Act Application by the May 2 extended deadline to be considered for scholarships that require financial need. A FAFSA or Dream Act Application is not needed for merit-only scholarships.