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Summer Session Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Session 2023

Prior to the initial summer financial aid disbursement you can review offered and accepted summer aid by logging into My TritonLink and selecting 'Financial Aid', enter your UC San Diego User ID/PID and Password/PAC and then select year (for Summer 2024 select "2023-24".)

To determine if you have enough accepted summer financial aid to cover the balance due, compare the following amounts:

  • The accepted financial aid on the financial aid offer confirmation; and
  • The balance for the Summer Session on TritonPay.
  • If you are attending multiple sessions, your aid will generally be split into multiple payments

Please note that enrollment changes may affect the amount of financial aid received, and enrollment adjustments made after financial aid is disbursed may result in a bill.

Once disbursed, you may review your student account on TritonPay to determine if there is either:

  • A pending summer payment due (if the accepted financial aid does not cover the full balance); or
  • No remainder balance due as the accepted financial aid is enough to cover the balance.
  • If the amount of financial aid exceeds the balance due, a remainder refund will be issued either through Direct Deposit (if enrolled) or as a refund check.
  • Reminders: Ensure all balances are paid in full by the published fee deadlines of the Summer Session in which you are enrolling, or you may be dropped from your classes. If accepting a student loan, allow at least 3-5 business days once the loan is accepted to disburse to your student account.

Summer financial aid is scheduled to disburse on the following dates:

  • Summer Session 1 2024: June 22, 2024
  • Summer Session 2 2024: July 27, 2024
  • Special Session 2024: approximately 2 days before the first day of instruction
  • Please Summer Session Fee Due Dates.
  • Special Session has their own start date the fees, you may need to pay the balance due prior to receiving your Special Session financial aid.

Generally, refunds disburse for the enrolled term or session once instruction begins.

The Federal Pell grant is pro-rated depending on enrolled and requires 12 units (full-time enrollment) for the summer to receive the full summer Pell amount. If enrolled in 6-8 units 50% of the accepted Pell will disburse and at 9-11 units 75% of the accepted Pell will disburse. Please note that the Pell Grant award is also subject to your remaining annual and lifetime eligibility.

Based on limited funding, eligible students are awarded on a first come, first serve basis based on an initial enrollment of a total of 6 units (waitlisted units do not count as enrolled) and need as determined by the 2023-24 FAFSA. Students are advised to enroll in at least 6 units for Summer Session as soon as possible as funds may be exhausted based on later summer enrollment.

Unlike the regular academic year, UC San Diego Summer Session fees are charged based on units enrolled and sessions attended. Therefore, fees (and financial aid) can fluctuate based on the number of enrolled units, unit adjustments and when they are adjusted in relation to campus fee refund deadlines. For more information on Summer Session billing and deadlines please visit the Summer Session website.

Please contact the financial aid office for that campus to determine your financial aid options through their campus. Students generally cannot receive financial aid from more than one school at once

There may be several reasons why your financial aid did not disburse. As a starting point you may want to confirm the following:

  • Summer financial aid is accepted on your FAS Student portal on My TritonLink, all tasks must be completed. Please allow for 1 to 2 weeks processing time to account for recently accepted loans and or recent enrollment.
  • Was the financial aid enough to cover the balance due on your student account (see TritonPay)?
  • Enrollment of at least 6 units for one or more Summer Sessions (12 units for Full Time Pell grant). Waitlisted units do not count as enrolled.
  • You are in multiple Summer Sessions; remember Summer Session is considered one term for financial aid and in turn generally splits over the multiple Summer Sessions of attendance. Eligible aid generally splits over the multiple Summer Sessions of attendance.
  • Was there a recent enrollment change? Enrollment changes can lead to changes in financial aid, please allow for up to 1 to 2 weeks for processing time.
  • Are there any Student Financial Solutions (SFS) or other holds? If unsure please contact SFS or visit their website for additional instruction.

It depends on if you drop one or both sessions and the timing of when you drop the units as to the effect on your financial aid. Also, remember that financial aid is one piece of your student account, the overall balance may also be affected by the campus Summer Session refund schedule. Once your financial aid is updated based on enrollment changes you will be sent an email to check the updates to your financial aid offer, and from there you can log into your student account to view the overall balance to determine if you owe a balance. For additional financial aid questions please contact our office.

  • The Department of Education requires that UC San Diego track that a student has commenced academic activity in a class for that class to be counted towards eligibility for Title IV federal financial aid.
  • Similar to Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters, UCSD Summer Session 1,2,and Special Session require confirmation of CAA to validate your units in each applicable session.
  • For more information on CAA, please visit