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Summer Session

Summer Session 2019

How to Apply for UC Summer Session Financial Aid

Find out how to apply for financial aid for summer sessions at UC San Diego or other UC campuses.

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Summer Session Disbursement

Learn when and how UC San Diego applies Summer Session financial aid to your student account.

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Enrolling in the appropriate summer session classes can help you make faster progress toward your degree. If you're considering summer session enrollment, consult with your academic and/or departmental advisors regarding summer course selection.

Financial aid is available to current UC San Diego undergraduate students who have a valid FAFSA or DREAM application on file and are enrolled at least half time. Also newly admitted students who will matriculate (attend) in fall may be eligible for financial aid. These newly admitted students who attend in the summer, taking courses recommended by their advisor, are referred to as ‘pre-matriculated’ students during summer session.

Summer financial aid differs from academic year financial aid. The summer term is a trailer to the academic year award cycle. Students applying for summer 2019 financial aid must submit a 2018-19 FAFSA or CA Dream App. Current UC San Diego students please see instructions and deadlines below. Pre-matriculated students must submit the 2018-19 FAFSA or CA Dream App by June 30, 2019. Summer financial aid is based upon remaining eligibility for various programs like Pell Grant and Federal loans, but also may include limited UC summer grants.

Pre-matriculated students (admitted to Fall 2019 Quarter) who are enrolled in a minimum of 6 units of summer session academic credit at UC San Diego should follow the directions for submitting a 2018-19 FAFSA for US citizens or Eligible Permanent Residents. AB540 students who are not eligible to submit a FAFSA should submit a 2018-19 CA Dream App. Use UC San Diego's school code of 001317 on the FAFSA or CA Dream App. Confer with your advisor to select the appropriate summer session classes.

(Please note that international students are not eligible for Federal or State aid, and thus should not submit a FAFSA or CA Dream App.)

Learn about the types of financial aid available to current UC San Diego students enrolled in summer sessions at UC San Diego or other UC campuses.

Facts About Summer Financial Aid for Current Undergraduates

  • Students must have been enrolled during winter or spring quarter of the regular 2018-2019 school year or have been re-admitted for the fall quarter 2019.

  • Students must have submitted a 2018-2019 FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application by May 1, 2019.

  • Students must be enrolled in a minimum 6 units for summer. This can be any combination of summer sessions at UC San Diego or at another UC.

  • Students must not have completed their degree by the end of spring quarter 2019.

  • Enroll in summer classes at your earliest opportunity for possible priority funding (if eligible).

Calculate Your Fees

To calculate your fees for courses at UC San Diego use the example below (all fees subject to change)

Course fees = $279 per unit (undergraduate); $349 per unit (graduate)

Undergraduate example: $279 x 4 units = $1116.00 per 4-unit class

Additional campus-based fees listed below ($204.35 per session)

  • ICA Student Activity Fee (undergraduate only), $99.05 per session
  • Recreation Facility Fee, $56.00 per session
  • University Center Fee, $49.30 per session

Some courses may require material fees; all students enrolled in those courses pay the material fee. Refer to the Summer Session website for further information.

Types of Summer Aid Available for FAFSA Filers

  • Grants

    You may be eligible for summer Pell Grant if:

    • You have remaining Pell Grant eligibility and meet other enrollment requirements.

    You may be eligible for UC San Diego summer grants if:

    • You have a valid FAFSA or DREAM application on file.

    • You meet other financial need/enrollment requirements.

  • Scholarships

    Be sure to apply for outside agency scholarships to help meet your Summer Session costs.

  • Loans

    If you've filed your FAFSA by March 2, wait until the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office notifies you of your eligibility for grants before you make a decision about borrowing.

    Look into other types of financial aid before you apply for alternative or private loans!

    • If you haven't already borrowed your annual maximum, you can use Federal Direct loan funds for summer.If you're a dependent student, your parents can apply for a Federal Direct PLUS loan.

      • Plan ahead and reserve some of your direct loan eligibility for Summer, instead of borrowing up to the limit during the regular academic year.

      • If you advance a grade level, you may be eligible to borrow additional loan amounts for Summer.

      • Review the maximum limits allowed for undergraduate direct loans.

    • If you're a dependent student, your parents can apply for a Federal Direct PLUS loan.

    • Alternative or private loans can pay the portion of your costs not covered by other financial aid.

      • Keep in mind that lenders and loan programs are subject to change.

      • Browse UC Private Lender Lists for alternative loan options.

Types of Summer Aid Available for California Dream Act Filers

For Summer Session info, contact the Summer Session Office, (858) 534-5258.

For enrollment info, contact the Registrar's Office, (858) 534-3150.