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Regents Scholarships for Entering Freshmen

The Regents Scholarship, based on academic excellence, is a prestigious scholarship awarded to UC undergraduate students. Regents Scholars receive an honorarium of up to $20,000 plus special privileges as outlined below.

Eligibility requirements

  • Entering freshman or transfer student (both California residents and non-residents)

  • United States citizens, permanent residents, or California Dream Act students

  • Demonstrated academic excellence (strength and breadth of your high school academic program, grades and other academic criteria)

How to Apply

  1. File your UC Application for Admission and Scholarships by the Nov. 30 deadline.
  2. If you wish to demonstrate financial need to determine if you are eligible for a Regents need award, then file your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) by March 2, OR the California Dream Act application (if you are AB540 eligible and not eligible to file a FAFSA). File only one of these applications.
  3. You don't need to file any other paperwork.
  4. UC San Diego notifies recipients of Regents Scholarships in March, along with the admission notice.


Entering freshmen and transfers without demonstrated financial need receive an annual honorarium of $5,000. Entering freshmen will receive the honorarium for 4 academic years, and entering transfers receive it for 2 academic years.

Regents scholars who are CA residents, and have demonstrated financial need will receive additional scholarship and/or grant funds to meet the financial need for 4 undergraduate academic years for freshmen and 2 academic years for transfers.

Your FAFSA or California Dream Act application establishes your financial need.

Regents Scholarship Benefits

UC San Diego college of choice at time of admission

Regents Scholars are guaranteed admission to the college of their choice at the time of admission as indicated on the UC Application for Admission.

Priority enrollment appointments

Priority enrollment starts with the first Winter Quarter. The first Fall Quarter enrollment occurs during the normal Freshman enrollment period around August -September. Regents Scholars will have priority enrollment appointment times during the first and second pass enrollment periods through 4 years of undergraduate attendance at UC San Diego.

  • View your enrollment appointment times for both passes each upcoming quarter by checking the announcements on TritonLink's home page.
  • UC San Diego announces enrollment appointment dates and times for the next quarter on Friday of Week 5 of the current quarter. During the first pass, students may only enroll in 11.5 units within a specified timeframe. During the second pass, students may enroll in up to 19.5 units, including waitlisted courses. Students in a priority group who do not enroll during their first pass appointment must wait until their second pass appointment to enroll.
  • If you don't receive an enrollment time on the first day of priority enrollment, please contact the Scholarship Office, (858) 534-1067.

Increased library privileges

Regents Scholars receive graduate-level borrowing privileges at each of the UC San Diego Libraries. These privileges include extended borrowing periods (you can check out most library books for up to 90 days) and film and video borrowing privileges.

Research program

Participation in a cutting-edge research program during the first quarter of enrollment, subject to availability. Physical Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and Engineering are some of the participating divisions.

While the Regents Scholarship program is a UC systemwide program, the Regents Scholars Research Initiative (RSRI) program is unique to UC San Diego. More information is provided in the admit packet sent to Regents Scholars in March.

Faculty Mentor Program

Participation in the Undergraduate Research Hub’s Faculty Mentor Program in the sophomore year, assuming the program requirements are met.