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Scholarships for Enrolled Transfer Students

Apply online for these and other scholarships for continuing students

  1. You can apply online for many of the continuing undergraduate scholarships listed below. Look for the online application at the end of November using the Financial Aid tool.

    • File your online application by 11:59 p.m., May 2, 2024.

    • Correct or update your online application any time up to the deadline.

  2. Some scholarships require a paper application, and some may have a different deadline. Refer to the list of online scholarships available at

  3. File a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) OR if AB540 eligible and not able to file a FAFSA, file a California Dream Application by May 2, 2024. Do not file both.

  4. UC San Diego will consider you for any UC San Diego scholarships for which you qualify.

  5. Eligibility is limited to United States citizens or permanent residents (green card holders), or AB540 eligible students.

  6. UC San Diego will e-mail you notification of any scholarship awards in August. Check your application status online using the Financial Aid Tool.

Michael Miller Engineering Scholarship for Transfer Students


Transfer students:

  • Who are engineering majors
  • Have a 3.0+ GPA
  • Have demonstrated financial need
Award amount and term:

A 1-year undergraduate award of up to $2,500.


In your resume and/or essay, provide information about your interest in engineering.

Vickerman/Munoz Family Scholarship for Transfer Students


This Alumni Leadership Scholarship is awarded to full-time undergraduate transfer students with:

  • Demonstrated financial need
  • College-level academic, campus, or community service/ leadership experience
  • 3.0+ GPA
Award amount and term:

A 2-year undergraduate award for up to $2,000 annually.


In your resume and/or essay, provide information about your community service.

Robert and Pat Whalen Military Transfer Scholarship


Awarded to transfer students who:

  • Have served in the U.S. Armed Forces as enlisted or non-commissioned officers
  • Have demonstrated financial need
  • Are majoring in Engineering
Award amount and term:

A 1-year undergraduate award; the amount varies.


Preference given to those who have transferred to UC San Diego through UniversityLink.

In your resume and/or essay:

  • Provide information about your military service
  • Provide a confirmation statement on your status as an enlisted or non-commissioned officer
  • File a FAFSA to verify financial need
  • If applicable, indicate if you were a TAG or UniversityLink participant
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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