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Federal Undergraduate Loans Loans

Learn about federal loans for undergraduate students.

Federal Graduate/ Professional School Loans Loans

Learn about federal loans for graduate and professional school students.

Federal Direct Loan Program Loans

Learn about the Federal Direct Loan Program, which applies to all federal loans provided to UC San Diego students and parents after June 2010.

California Dream Loans Loans

Learn about California Dream loans for undergraduate students.

University Undergraduate and Quon Family Loans Loans

Learn about university loans for undergraduate students.

Short-Term Emergency Loans Loans

Learn about short-term emergency loans available to students.

Private Education Loan Programs Loans

Learn about student loans and other programs available from private sources.

Receiving Your Loan

Learn how to complete the entrance loan counseling requirement so you can receive your loan.

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Campus Loan Servicer: ECSI

The University of California has engaged the services of Heartland ECSI, Inc. (ECSI) to replace Conduent [formerly ACS Education Services (ACS)] as the servicer for all of the University's campus-based student loans effective August 2017. This is a system-wide change impacting all University of California campuses.

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Repaying Your Student Loan

Learn more about your responsibilities as a borrower and about the exit loan counseling requirement.

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UC Private Lender Lists

See the University of California's lists of private lenders, find out how the UC developed the lists, and learn your rights in choosing a lender.

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Financial Aid and Withdrawing from UC San Diego

Find out what financial aid or student loan recipients need to know about withdrawal at UC San Diego.

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Facts About Loans

  • We strongly advise students to borrow only what they need.

  • Loans are self-help aid that you must repay with interest.

  • Borrowing is a serious responsibility and can affect your future credit rating.

  • Before you borrow, pursue outside agency scholarships.

  • You may be eligible for 3 types of loans:

    • Federal and university need-based loans

    • Federal non-need-based loans

    • Alternative loans

  • You're required to sign promissory notes and to attend loan counseling sessions before you can receive disbursements of your loans.

  • Make sure you're eligible to receive loans: Review eligibility requirements for prospective undergraduates, current undergraduates, or graduate students.

To Apply for Loans