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Private and Foundation Scholarships

Where to Find Private Scholarships

Noncitizen students may be eligible to apply for many private scholarships, depending on the eligibility requirements set forth in the application, and any donor restrictions or donor intent.

Private scholarships may be offered by nonprofit organizations, individuals, government agencies, foundations (including university foundations), and a number of other sources. Find more information on scholarships at the following sites:

Another good resource is this website from the Office of Federal Student Aid: Undocumented Students and Financial Aid.

In addition, contact organizations in your community that support Latino students — they will often have a prepared list to share with you. For example, in Indianapolis, scholarship lists are available through La Plaza, Central Indiana Community Foundation, Indiana Latino Scholarship Fund, and other local community organizations.

Universities and university foundations may also have lists of unrestricted funds that are not limited by donor intent and may be available to DACA students. Students should read scholarship eligibility requirements carefully to ensure they qualify even without lawful status.