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Financial Aid for EAP Students

Availability of aid

All types of financial aid are available during the academic year, including institutional, state, and federal grants, scholarships, and federal and private loans. Also see Study Abroad Scholarships.

Financial aid for summer programs is limited to Pell Grant, Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans from the academic year or additional Direct Parent PLUS Loan/ private loans.

Students with financial need who filed the FAFSA on time could be eligible for a UC San Diego Summer Grant. In addition, students with zero or a very low Expected Family Contribution could be eligible for an EAP Scholarship. You must complete a Summer Session aid application using the Financial Aid tool, available in early-May.


Financial Aid students are deferred from the payment coupons until the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office notifies the EAP office (UCEAP) of your financial aid award once your file is complete. UCEAP will apply the financial aid toward your mandatory program fees.

  • If your financial aid is less than the EAP fees, you're responsible for the difference
  • If your financial aid exceeds the EAP fees, you'll receive a disbursement

View your EAP student account.

California College Fee Waiver Program (Cal Vet)

The Cal Vet waiver is applied toward your UC registration, educational, pre-Intensive Language Program (ILP), and ILP instructional charges. These charges will be removed from your EAP account. All other fees remain your responsibility.

You must submit a copy of the confirmation of benefits award letter to the EAP Student Finance unit at UCEAP. A separate letter is required for each academic year you participate in EAP.

Receiving aid

Disbursement dates are based on your program length and financial aid information submitted to UCEAP. This list gives the breakdown for disbursements:

  • Quarter/ semester programs: 1 disbursement (approximately 2 weeks before the program's official EAP start date)
  • Academic year programs: 3 disbursements (approximately 2 weeks prior to the program's official EAP start date; Dec. 15; and March 15)
  • Off-cycle year programs: 4 disbursements (Winter/ Spring: approximately 2 weeks before the program's official EAP start date and March 15; Fall: July 15 and Sept. 15)

How to receive funds:

  • Direct deposit: Complete the UCEAP Direct Deposit online by login to MyEAP and select “eRefund Signup” on the menu. It takes approximately 5-7 business days to receive the money.
  • Mail: Financial aid will be sent to your U.S. address listed on MyEAP. It takes approximately 10 business days to receive a paper check.
    • Note: E-mail your EAP student finance analyst if you change your financial address in MyEAP after the program pre-departure withdrawal date. The EAP office does not receive address updates from UC San Diego.

See Federal Undergraduate Loans to find out how to accept loans. Additional details regarding how EAP will apply them can be found below:

  • Federal Direct Loan/ Perkins Loan/ University Loan: These funds apply toward your program fees. The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office commits the amount of your loan for the term on EAP at the beginning of the program. Any remaining credit balance will be disbursed with all other aid according to the financial aid disbursement schedule for the program.
  • Federal Direct PLUS Loan: PLUS loans can be paid by UC San Diego to your parent's address or applied directly to your EAP account.

Changes in circumstance

If you withdraw from the EAP, some of your program fees can be prorated and others will be fully charged. Your financial aid will be repackaged and you need to pay any outstanding balance immediately. If you enroll in a year-long EAP program and then withdraw after the completion of Fall semester which usually ends in December, your EAP financial aid will be repackaged to Fall only which is equivalent to one quarter instead of one semester of financial aid. Please be aware that the amount that you owe to UCEAP will be significant if a December disbursement has been made when you withdraw.

You must get approval by the EAP office to extend your program and your aid will be revised accordingly. A revised award notification will not be available in advance to help you decide to extend your stay.

In general, if your EAP budget is higher than the UC San Diego budget, you will be offered more loans to cover the increase. If your EAP budget is lower, you will receive less financial aid.

Changes in your financial aid package

Financial aid awards to EAP students are based on financial aid eligibility as determined by the campus Financial Aid and Scholarships Office and are subject to change. Any change will affect your EAP account balance. You are responsible for payment of any program fees and financial aid disbursements already received that are not covered by a reduced financial aid package.


Ask UC San Diego's Financial Aid and Scholarships Office about:

  • Your financial award package
  • Changes to your financial aid package
  • Confirmation and acceptance of awards

Ask your Student Finance Analyst at UCEAP about:

  • EAP disbursements
  • EAP program fees
  • Account statements