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Military Tuition Assistance

These programs may affect your award package. Please contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office prior to submitting your authorization if you are concerned about any award changes.

  1. Request authorization from your military office.

    1. Contact one of the following military offices and ask for an authorization form or letter to be sent to Student Financial Solutions at UC San Diego.

    2. Have the letter mailed or faxed to:

      University of California, San Diego
      Student Financial Solutions
      9500 Gilman Drive, Mail Code 0025
      La Jolla, CA 92093-0025
      Fax: (858) 822-2713

    3. Request the authorization as soon as possible before the quarter begins, so the payment can be posted on time to your student account (see Billing Due Dates).

  2. Verify UC San Diego's receipt of the authorization.

    1. Submit the third-party payment via a ticket to Student Financial Solutions

    2. After receiving the authorization, Student Financial Solutions credits your student account with the funds.

  3. Check your student account to verify payment.

    1. View your bill online.

    2. UC San Diego invoices the military office for payment each authorized quarter.

  4. Monitor your status.

    1. If your status changes or you are no longer eligible for tuition assistance, you may be billed for your fees directly.