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Master of Science in Drug Development and Product ManagementCost of Attendance for 2022-2023

These figures may not be final. Actual tuition, fees, and charges are subject to change by the Regents of the University of California or, as authorized, by the President of the University of California. Accordingly, final approved levels and charges may differ from the amounts shown.

Use this estimated cost of attendance to help decide how much money you need to attend Master of Science in Drug Development and Product Management, and how much financial aid you may need to meet that goal. Your actual costs may differ.

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Estimated Basic Cost of Attendance

California Residents and Non-California Residents

Cost of Attendance Academic Year (33 weeks)
Academic Year Tuition and Fees(View Components) $33,165
UC Per Unit Program Academic Year Costs: $30,960
UC Systemwide Student Services Academic Year Fee: $1,152
UC San Diego Campus-based Academic Year Fees: $1,053
Quarter Tuition and Fees (View Components)
Cost of Attendance Category Fall 2022 Winter 2023 Spring 2023
UC Mandatory Tuition and Fees $10,320 $10,320 $10,320
UC Systemwide Student Services Fee $384 $384 $384
UC San Diego Campus-based Fees $332 $332 $332
UC Mandatory Health Insurance Fee $1,335 $1,335 $1,335
Housing and Meals $6,064 $6,064 $6,064
Books and Supplies $262 $262 $262
Personal Expenses $441 $441 $441
Transportation Expenses $528 $528 $528
Quarter Cost of Attendance $19,685 $19,685 $19,685
Housing and Meals $18,192
Books and Supplies $786
Personal Expenses $1,323
Transportation Expenses $1,584
UC San Diego Health Insurance Fee $4,005
MS-DDPM Basic Cost of Attendance Totals for CA and Non-California Residents $59,055

  1. All new UC San Diego professional and graduate students will be billed a one-time Document fee of $100, which is not included in the Tuition/Fees amount.

  2. The Cost of Attendance (COA) includes the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) of $4,005. Students may opt out of the UC Student Health Insurance Plan. For additional UC SHIP information, visit

  3. Non-California resident and international students are not charged a Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition cost. Non-California residents will be considered for Federal Direct Loans only. International students will also be billed a one-time International Student Visa Administration fee of $100. International students may apply for Private Education Loans to assist with educational costs.

  4. The MS-DDPM (Full-Time, 3 Quarters) California and Non-California Resident Basic Budget Total is $59,055. Students enrolled in the MS-DDPM Program are not charged Non-CA Resident Supplemental Tuition.

  5. The COA above is based on a student living off-campus. A student living on-campus or living with a parent will have a different COA and can refer to the graduate student cost of attendance budgets for the various components and costs Graduate Students Cost of Attendance (

  6. MS-DDPM (Full-Time, 3 Quarters) students pay $860 per credit unit. The academic year is based on 12 credit units Fall term, 12 credit units Winter term, and 12 credit units Spring term. Actual units taken may vary based on each student’s enrollment. The MS-DDPM Program requires 36 completed credit units and is a 3-Quarter program.

For off-campus rental options, including market costs for one-bedroom apartments and other housing arrangements, please refer to the UC San Diego Off-Campus Housing Services website: Please keep in mind, the Cost of Attendance listed above is based on actual student average expenses.

Financial Aid Estimator

Financial Aid Estimator

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