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COVID-19 and impact on Financial Aid and Scholarships

  1. What happens if I move out of campus housing for Spring 2020 and move home with my parents?

    If you currently live on-campus and decide to move home with your parents, this would result in a reduction to your Spring cost of attendance and likely a reduction to your financial aid for the Spring 2020 quarter. If the change is made after financial aid is disbursed, you may be billed. Reductions to financial aid grants could be up to approximately $2,200 for Spring 2020.

    If you do not move home with parents, but instead move to an off-campus location (lease agreements would be required), your financial aid should not be impacted.


  2. Will my financial aid change if I enroll in less than 12 units for Spring 2020?

    If you enroll in less than 12 units, your grants and scholarships may be reduced. Pell Grant and Cal Grant pay for the term based on enrolled units. You would get 50% of the Spring award for enrollment of 6-8 units, and 75% of the award for enrollment of 9-11 units. Other grants could be reduced as well. Most scholarships require full-time enrollment of 12 units.


  3. What happens if I enroll in less than 6 units for Spring 2020?

    If you drop below half-time enrollment of 6 units there are several potential impacts:

    • Financial Aid Grant adjustment:
      • If you have Spring University Grant and drop to less than 6 units this grant may be canceled.
      • If you have Spring Pell Grant or Cal Grant and drop to less than 6 units the grant may be canceled.
    • Student Loan repayment: If you have outstanding federal or university student loans, your loan grace period will begin and first payments would be due 6 months after the end of Winter 2020 (9 months for Perkins and university loans), assuming you do not enroll for summer. Once the grace period is fully used, you do not get it back. If you later enroll and graduate or leave school, payments would be due in 30 days.


  4. What if I don’t enroll for Spring 2020?

    If you do not enroll for any units for Spring 2020, you will not receive any financial aid or scholarships. As stated above in #3, your loan grace period will begin if you have outstanding federal or university student loans.


  5. What if I am enrolled for Spring but don’t want to attend? What will happen to my financial aid?

    If you are already enrolled for the Spring 2020 quarter and don’t plan to attend, to ensure you are not billed any Spring financial aid be sure to withdraw before the first day of Spring quarter: Monday, March 30th, 2020.


  6. My Education Abroad Program (EAP) was canceled, what will happen to my financial aid?

    The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office and Study Abroad Program are working closely based on daily updates on program cancelations. Once the Financial Aid Sand Scholarships Office receives official notification from the central UCEAP Office we are adjusting student’s financial aid packages and sending notifications. As each financial aid package and student is different the impacts to financial aid, and your overall bill may vary.

    If the program has not yet started for Spring Semester or Quarter generally the aid package is canceled and if you return for Spring a student is repackaged and notifications are sent.

    If the program has started the financial aid office will complete the federal Return to Title IV (R2T4) calculation to see how much financial aid is earned based on the term completed, bill the difference as required by regulations and repackage the student will aid if returning for the Spring 2020 quarter. Notification emails are sent once the update is made to your financial aid Tritonlink and on your UCEAP bill.

    Please allow up to 3-5 business days once the program is canceled to see the update to your financial aid package and billing statement

    For questions on you UCEAP bill please contact